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Ordered 3 pairs , had foot surgery and the swelling from working felt like if you poked my leg it would explode. Wore these socks 2 days , feet and calfs feel the best they have in months . Will have to order more.

Best in the game

These are probably the best compression socks in the game. Recently I have been suffering from swelling in my lower leg area due in part to a medical condition. With that said I can across some research explaining how compression socks can aid with this issue. Read a few reviews and finally came across these bad boys, which I'm glad I purchased. Two days after wearing them my swelling was practically gone. Once I finish this review I'm going to order another pair. I ended up ordering an xxl. I'm a 14 in shoes and my calves muscles are decently large and these fit perfectly. Other compression socks tend to stop mid calve and have a tendency to fall down during both casual walking and strenuous exercises. So look no more these are the socks for you if you're looking for a casual look during workouts or just comfort in eliminating swollen legs.

Great product

These arrived and I put them on immediately. I have been suffering from shin splints for a week and read that compression socks could help. I did find it helpful to search YOUTUBE for video on how to wear the socks - especially about how to put them on. I wore them for a whole day and my legs felt great. Working out in the garden, squatting down was less painful. Next day when I took them off I could easily see how effective they were are lessening fluid retention in my ankles and feet. I bought another pair today (I wished I had known how wonderful they would be so I could take advantage of the discount for multiple pairs).

Thank you

I've tried other compression socks and quit after experiencing the difficulty of putting them on and taking them off. These have excellent elasticity that also combines with the compression factor, that makes the process a bit more practical. I've been wearing them since I got them.! I do use a device to help put them on, and very easy to use with these socks. Outstanding product and will probably be ordering more. Also like that they can be machine washable.

Life saver

I've worked 12 hour days on concrete for the last decade..Always moving, almost never sitting down. The last year my legs have gotten to aching. No complaints, I mean, I'm 53 after all. A friend suggested these and it has changed everything. My legs would be achy and swollen after a day's work and now, with these socks, not a trace of swelling and my legs are not achy. They aren't as difficult to put on as medical-grade TED hose, but they have quite a lot of support. Certainly worth the price and definitely would buy again. Great product.

The Ultimate Diaper Bag

I wanted a very special and unique gift for an upcoming baby shower. I landed on Shopahoo by accident, and found what I was looking for, the 2-in-1 Expanding Nursing Diaper Backpack. It's really cool! It even comes with a mini video showing all the uses. I especially like the fact that it expands into a baby bassinet, which will be perfect for a newborn to 5-6 months. And it's a little smaller than it looks in the pictures, which is actually a good thing for a mother who must carry it on her back. I didn't realize it was coming from overseas until after my purchase. I was SO worried it wouldn't arrive in time, but it did! I'd buy it again. And now I peruse Shopahoo looking for other fun things. Lynn O. Minneapolis, MN

Good product

Very Good. Recommend!!!

Very convenient

The comfortable hair dryer is very convenient for my pets. Its quite light as well.

Great material

Sturdy & strong

Excellent product!!

The shovel is excellent. Really strong and sturdy. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Easy to operate

Love it! Purchased the shovel primarily for camping. Haven’t taken out into the field yet, but have familiarized myself with it’s features and operation. Build is strong, assembly and packing easy, longer than most camping shovels giving you more leverage. I look forward to putting it to good use in the near future.

Great product

Great, keep things tight and fresh..


Great camping shovel! Durable and compact.

The suction seal is such a great idea.

Love these trays. The suction seal is such a great idea. I can stack them in the fridge and use the smallest space to stack a few of them. Easy to see the food stored without the condensation on the inside of the lid. Also it is nice and healthy.

Well satisfied

The hair dryer is good, blowing well, there are 3 speeds. In general, well satisfied.

Multifunctional bomb!!

I'm so stoked for this shovel. It is so compact and portable, it's great to throw in a glove compartment or in any camping bag for emergencies. I also love that it has the option for changing the head angle so that you can both shovel and dig at any angle needed. I would highly recommend this item for any camping or emergency enthusiasts, as well as anyone else who just likes to be prepared.

So excited

Super excited to gift this to one of my girls ! I feel like we have given her such a useful gem !

Great product

This is not some cheap gadget that claims to do all these things, but in reality breaks with any attempts or simply does not function as promised. This is the real deal--very sturdy, well-made, high class product. Strong material. I recently used it on a week long scout camping trip, and saved the day by having this on the trip. All the scouts were impressed, and the other 10 adults on the trip were wanting to know where they can purchase one! Great product!

This is a bomb!!!

This is a bomb!!! Ordered for my 3 months doughter. She is delighted, thank you

I am satisfied

Excellent quality. Just an all-around badass survival tool.

Food Preservation Tray
Ella-Grace A.
Working good!!

Working good!! Also dishwasher safe, really very easy



Strongly recommended

I am very glad. Delivery was after a few days. Works without objections. Silent. Air just in time. Not too hot and not cold. Soft tip brush. Light, handy suitable for cats and dogs different size. This high convenience at home. Strongly recommended.


Very cool thing! Recommended.

Love it

This survival multi tool has far exceeded my expectations and has stood up to all I’ve throw at it. Great for camping or whenever zombies become a thing, an all in one quality multi tool.